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Welcome to Tiernan Software

Our business is providing computer software and support to customers in the following areas:

  • Wholesale Stock control
  • Cash & Carry systems
  • Retail systems
  • Customer / Patient tracking
  • Additions / Modifications to existing systems
  • Paper and Web / email forms management
  • Mobile device system integration
  • Cloud systems
  • Data Migration
  • Small Business systems
  • School systems; software, hardware and network support
  • Computer technical support for individuals and home office users
  • Fault finding and repairs

If you have not visited our site before you might like to browse through the different categories and decide if we have products or services available to meet your needs. Click on the buttons above to navigate through our site. We may have an existing software package to suit your needs or you can contact us regarding new and customised software solutions.

For personal customers, we can provide software services and advice as well as hardware and software servicing, system upgrades, system recovery and repairs.

Tiernan Software provide a range of services for our existing customers in the form of Support and on-going development. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers are provided with a professional service. Customers may apply for, or be allocated with, a personal log-in on this site to track and submit requests and suggestions and retrieve serial codes and updates for our software.

If you require a serial number for a new or existing product, click on the link below.

To download product updates and patches click here
Note: You must already have these products installed on your system to download

Tiernan Software is based in Republic of Ireland, County Leitrim.

Telephone:     +353-71-9854889

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